About Us

Who We Are

With decades of experience in manufacturing electric motors and serving customers’ needs in the American and Canadian markets, EMC was created to offer North American industries a premium line of stainless steel motors directly from our plant in London, Ontario, Canada.

Today we leverage our solid global experience with a true North American presence to bring you better motors in better ways. With North American ownership, and manufacturing and distribution centers in both Canada and the USA, EMC proudly offers premium stainless steel electric motors directly from our plant to your door.

We are by your side to hear your needs and supply you the best stainless steel motors available on the market today.

Mark Wiese – Marketing Director. Mark brings over 25 years of manufacturing and industrial marketing experience to the team, with extensive experience building world class products in the USA, Canada and China, and marketing them worldwide. Today Mark calls Canada home.

George Lin – President and CEO. With over 30 years of electric motor manufacturing experience, George is the founder and president of one of China’s largest and most internationally recognized electric motor companies, private labeling for many top international brands. George splits his time between London, Ontario and Shanghai.

Simon Li – Executive Vice President. Bringing 35+ years of international business experience in Europe, China and North America, Simon has spent the last 25 years developing and distributing top quality electric motors around the world. Simon has lived in Montreal and Toronto since 1984.

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